What is an Aquinas pilgrimage?

An Aquinas pilgrimage is a gift from God to the pilgrim.

  • It focuses on the Blessed Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  No person on earth can ever understand the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity but each pilgrim is given the opportunity to know more about the Blessed Trinity.  We adore, thank, love and praise God in Three Divine Persons.
  • It gives honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, and makes the pilgrim realize her powerful intercession with Her God Son.
  • It enables the pilgrim to learn more about the lives of saints and inspires him/her to follow their good examples.
  • It makes the pilgrim develop a deep perception, appreciation and gratitude for the goodness of God whenever he/she sees His wonderful works, the beauty of nature and the good hearts of people he meets during the pilgrimage.
  • It enhances the spiritual, cultural and social well being of the pilgrim in the hope of making him/her a better practicing Catholic.  Mass daily; Confession available; Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; group hymn singing and recitation of the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet; communal and private prayer at all pilgrimage sites; processions in honor of Our Lady; video presentations about Our Lady and/or the saints; lectures and/or meditations with a spiritual director; and group discussions on sites.
  • An Aquinas pilgrimage involves Catholic devotion and activities.
  • Non-Catholics are most welcome to join.
  • May God grant special, abundant blessings on each and every pilgrim who joins an Aquinas pilgrimage.